Steak Butters

I came up with this idea because I wanted blue cheese on top of my steak but I know that Ken doesn’t like that very much. So I thought of the butters. You can make so many different flavours the list would be endless. Herb butters, garlic butter, cheese butter (with endless cheeses) and spiced butters such as smoked paprika butter or combinations. Here are the two that we used. If you are like us you always have some chipotle hanging around in the freezer as we never use the whole can.

Butter, room temperature
Stilton cheese, crumbled finely
Smoked chipotle in adobo sauce
Tenderloins wrapped in bacon (or any steak you prefer)

Finely chop a small amount of chipotle and add a dollop of butter. Stir to combine. Roll into a ball if possible or place in the refrigerator to harden slightly and roll in a ball.

Mix a dollop of butter with the finely crumbled Stilton cheese. Stir to combine. Again roll into a ball if possible or place in the refrigerator to harden slightly and roll in a ball.

Store the balls in the refrigerator until ready to use. When steaks are done to your preference place the butter balls on top. You may want to pass them under the broiler for a moment or use a kitchen torch to get them melting. Incredibly good!!

The DIY Dreamer

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Mouth Watering Mondays

I am a little late to post this, sorry all. We had a busy week with a great visitor that is full of life and so much fun!! Thanks for coming out to see us again Zack!!! We have been all over the province this past week enjoying our summer days. I hope all of you are getting a chance to soak up some sun and fun. Clearly I was a little thirsty this week with three of my picks being drinks and two of them lemonade!! There is also a beautiful fish dish, an over the top brownie sundae and a ooey gooey cheese. Hope you enjoy them all!!

Mom’s Lemonade by Sprinkled with Flour – Raspberries and Cream Cocktail by Cocktail – Gos Angso Special by Cotton Candy – Roast Cherry Dark Chocolate Brownie Sundaes by Closet Cooking - Easy Strawberry Lemonade by and now for something Completely Delicious – Brie en Croute with Raspberry and Pecans by Step by Step Gourmet

Fig Compote

I love funky jammy spreads with cheese and bread or crackers. One of my favourite things!!! So I came up with this fig compote. We had the figs already with prosciutto as I showed you yesterday. I had some wonderful cane sugar from Panama thanks to the Cheung’s for bringing that back for me, that I hadn’t used yet. You can of course substitute white sugar maybe with a portion of brown sugar added. This is a very easy recipe just cooks down itself to a nice jam-like consistency. I added to the deep rich flavour with the addition of Kahlua. This is a great recipe that I will make again!!

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup cane sugar
1 lb. fresh figs cut into 1/8ths
2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
3 Tbsp. Kahlua

Place the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat stirring until the sugar dissolves. Add the figs, vinegar and Kahlua cook covered simmering on low for 30min. or until it reaches a thick jammy consistency. Let cool and refrigerate until ready to use. Spread on baguettes or crackers over your favourite cheese. I love a melty brie to accompany this.