The Vin Room

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The Vin Room

I was invited out for my birthday by my lovely neighborhood ladies. Never been to The Vin room and I was excited to go. What gorgeous friends they are!!!

My Friends

The decor at The Vin Room is upscale modern as you can see, beautiful.

We ordered a lovely bottle of white wine and our lunches. The service was very attentive but the meals did seem to come out slowly. I guess good things come to those who wait!! Here is the line up of the dishes we had.

Lamb Kabob Sandwich

Fenugreek tumeric sauce, spinach, grilled flatbread & green salad

Lamb Kabob Sandwich

Seared Arctic Char

Zucchini, carrot, chickpeas, radish

Seared Arctic Char

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Rock shrimp, cucumber, tomato aioli & green salad

Shrimp Salad Sanwich

Barbeque Chicken

Cornbread, pickled jalapeño and apple salsa,
fontina cheese and bacon.

This was mine and I truly loved it!! Great to have a nice fresh salad to accompany a rich flavor filled sandwich.

Barbeque Chicken

Falafel Tacos

Artisan greens, mint yogurt, corn tortillas “Greek” salad

Falafel Tacos

It was a perfect lunch with the most wonderful group of friends, who spoil me rotten. All of these dishes were gobbled down and thoroughly enjoyed. I will be returning very soon. They have two locations and their website is Come and check out their locations and the rest of the menu. A must visit!!

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Curry Shrimp, Mango, Red Pepper and Onion Kabobs

I had an Epicure party and what fun was that!!! Had a great turn out and lots of yummy foods and dips to try. I was not familiar with Epicure until then but had heard amazing things about it. For hosting the party, right off the start the representative Barb Langille gave me a Mango Curry Dip.We had it for Super Bowl with veggies and dip and it was delish!!

From the second I saw this dip though my mind went right to creating these kabobs and they were so good. Ken was away so it was just Ams and I, so I didn’t put them on the BBQ but used the grill pan with a lid and they turned out great. Easy peasy dinner that didn’t take much time at all. It made enough so when Ken came home the next day he could devour a plate full of them.

I hope you look into Epicure. I can help you with any of your needs, as I am now an Independent Representative. I will be making these again for sure!! Enjoy!!

Cury Shrimp Kabobs 2

Curry Shrimp, Mango, Red Pepper and Onion Kabobs
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
A delicious dinner awaits you with these easy kabobs!!
  • 1 red pepper, cut into chunks
  • 1 whole mango, cut into chunks
  • ½ red onion, cut into chunks
  • 400 gm. 31-40 count shrimp
  • 1½ Tbsp. Epicure Mango Curry Dip
  • 3 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • ½ tsp. sugar
  • Basmati rice for 4 servings
  • Slice green onions for garnish
  1. Mix the curry dip with olive oil, lemon juice and sugar in a medium bowl. Add the shrimp and toss to coat. Let marinate in the refrigerator for 30 min.
  2. While skewering on the shrimp etc. cook the basmati rice and keep warm.
  3. Using wooden skewers, cut to size if needed to fit into the grill pan, start to slide the ingredients onto the skewer in this order, red pepper, shrimp, mango, red onion. Repeat ending with a shrimp.
  4. Using a non stick grill pan sprayed with a small amount of cooking spray and heated over medium heat start to grill the shrimp. Place a lid on top, askew to help them cook evenly. Cook for 10-12 min. until the shrimp are done. Serve over basmati rice and garnish with green onions.





Earls Shepard Flats Grand Opening

That’s What I Think (TWIT) Review

I was kindly invited to Earls Shepard Flats Grand Opening. It has been a long 19 years since a new Earls has opened here in Calgary, so I was very excited to attend. What a fabulous night is was. There new location is stunning with a very open and modern feel. High open beam ceilings contrasting with a drop down ceilings of wood or steel, big comfortable booths and a large bar with abundant TVs.

Earls Shepard FlatsEarls Shepard Flats 2

Earls Shepard Flats 5

Earls Shepard Flats 11

The staff is exceptional!! They pull employees from all their other locations for the grand opening to help train the new staff. We even got a private tour of their very organized and immaculate kitchen.

Earls Shepard Flats 3

These little gems are a smaller version of their Bigger Better Burger and are made from Certified Angus beef and garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayonnaise and mustard on a house baked brioche bun.


This is one of my favorites, have had it the last three times I have been to Earls. It is their Tuna Poke Nachos. It is crisp togarashi wontons, tuna, cucumber, avocado and tomato poke, spicy mango coulis, sliced serranos and crushed macadamia nuts. YUM!!

Earls Shepard Flats 6

I was thrilled when I was presented a jar of their fig jam and will be making something divine for you all with it. When I go back to Earl’s again I will be having this Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie Ciabatta grilled chicken, melted brie, roasted apples, spinach, sweet fig jam, garlic mayonnaise and house baked ciabatta. I had quite a few of these little sandwiches and they are so very good!!

Earls Shepard Flats 7

All of their bread is made in house, like the ciabata, brioche buns and flat bread. So fresh and so good!!

Earls Shepard Flats 10

To wash down all this wonderful fare we had one of Earl’s Signature Caesars. I have done one similar on my site. See the recipe here. I was served by these lovely ladies!!

Earls Shepard Flats 9

To finish off the night we were given Warm Chocolate Banana Cake caramelized bananas, warm chocolate rum cake, banana creme anglaise and caramel walnut gelato.

Earls Shepard Flats 12C

I can’t wait to return to Earls to try some of these dishes again. I hope you pop on by to one that is near you!!

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