Bonefish Grill

While we were in Florida I wanted to have some fresh seafood but because of a big storm that had blown in when we first arrived finding good fresh fish was a bit more difficult than we anticipated. We waited until closer to the end of our trip and headed out to Bonefish Grill to have our seafood feast.

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They have many locations all over the US and many in Florida just alone. It is a busy restaurant but the service was attentive.

To start off with I had a Blood Orange Martini, they don’t seem to be on the main menu and might just be a cocktail at this location only. It was amazingly delicious!!!

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I love when you are served fresh homemade bread at the table and to have a dip, even better!!

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I think our appetizers were the best and here is some of what we had.

Mussels Josephine

PEI Mussels sauteed with tomatoes, garlic, basil and a lemon wine sauce. They were sweet, succulent and abundant. Everyone had some!!

Orlando 2013 061 (Small)

Maryland Crab Cakes served with a remoulade, crispy and full of jumbo lump crab.

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Bang, Bang Shrimp which are crisped and then served in a spicy creamy sauce.

Orlando 2013 064 (Small)

Ahi Tuna Sashimi, sesame seared and looks amazing!!

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Now onto the main courses!!

Bang, Bang Tacos, same as the appetizer but served in a taco with all the fixins and homemade potato chips.

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Various Fresh Fish is also offered and Yummy Lobster!!

Orlando 2013 070 (Small) (2)

Orlando 2013 073 (Small) (2)

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All in all a very enjoyable meal and exactly what I was looking for. Check out their website to find a location near you in the US.


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    The man who started Bonefish lives right down the street from my parents. It is one of our favorite places, even though it’s a chain the food is always so fresh! If you went to the Bonefish on Sand Lake Rd I was actually in Orlando on March 27th and had dinner there :)

    • says

      Can’t remember the location off the top of my head right now. I wasn’t driving so you don’t pay as much attention then. It was a great meal and we were very close to each other as we were in Orlando from the 21st. of March to April 2nd. Thanks for popping by Lane, I appreciate it!!

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    OMG! I’m so drooling over my computer right now. 😀 Love seafood and it’s so hard to get fresh seafood where I live…thanks for sharing!

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