Happy Canada Day Pops!!

This is a great quick and easy Canada Day treat for the kids. I got this idea from a fabulous site called The Wicked Noodle. She was doing them for the 4th of July but I just omitted the blue jello and voila Canada Day!! I have to admit that when I was a kid we would sneak boxes of jello powder and eat them dipping our fingers in. Hard to conceal later a big red or purple finger but it was worth getting in trouble for. You can easily whip these up with two ingredients. So if you are off to a BBQ or party check your pantry you just might already have the ingredients. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

1 170 gm. package strawberry or raspberry jello
1 400 gm. package large marshmallows
6″ Lollipop sticks

Fill a bag with the jello powder. Dunk marshmallows in water. Do not soak and shake off excess. Quickly shake around in the bag and skewer onto sticks, leaving the middle marshmallow plain. Easy and the kids will love how sweet these are!!!




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