Knife Skills with Ergo Chef Knives

Knife Skills with Ergo Chef by Noshing With The Nolands

Knife Skills are so important, I believe the most important skill to learn in the kitchen, from there so many other things will fall into place. Along with learning knife skills you need a good quality set of knives. I was lucky enough to be able to review these Ergo Chef Knives Crimson Series on BonBon Break. Sharpness is key and these fantastic knives are razor sharp. If your knives are dull they are dangerous, due to slipping plus they bruise your item, rather than slicing it cleanly.

Ergo Chef Crimson Series

Amber, our daughter did this drawing for you, to emphasize the importance of keeping your fingers away from the knife, another important lesson in knife skills. To learn lots more come over to BonBon Break.

Knife Drawing by Amber Noland of Noshing With the Nolands



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    Couldn’t agree more -knife skills are so important. Mine really could use some work, fortunately my knives are sharp and Sous Chef frequently pitches in if there is lots of dicing and chopping (he thinks I’m too slow).

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