Lemon Whistle Cocktail

I have been enjoying sipping on a Steam Whistle beer every once in a while and I was trying to marry the flavor with something else to make a cocktail. It then came to me that I thought I would really enjoy lemon with it. I had lemonade vodka that I had never tried so I add a shot of that and 1/2 shot of lemon juice and through in few cubes so that it was icy cold and topped it off with the Steam Whistle. Wow, talk about refreshing!! It went to nicely together. It almost tasted sweet but then you go to the refreshing notes of lemon. A great combination. Try one of these while watching the game or hanging out with friends this holiday season. You will love it!!

Lemon Whistle Cocktail
Recipe type: Drink
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
A refreshing beer cocktail!!
  • 1 oz. lemonade vodka
  • ½ oz. lemon juice
  • ice cubes
  • Steam Whistle Beer
  • Lemon slice
  1. Pour the vodka and lemon juice into a glass and add ice. Top off with the Steam Whistle beer and garnish with a lemon slice.





  1. Jill says

    You should try mixing it half and half with good ginger ale or 7-up to make a shandy. I wonder what it would be like to keep the lemon vodka in a 7-up shandy … mmmm


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