Mouth Watering Mondays

Phew!! What a week that was. I am not quite sure I have ever had one so busy. I couldn’t go day by day, it was more like hour by hour. Think too far ahead and you will go crazy. Anyway, I survived it fairly unscathed. Going to Toronto and being treated so fabulously by Earls Restaurant, Steam Whistle and Motto’s Clamato was how my week started and it then finished off with a very fun and I hope fantastic Halloween party.

October is such a busy month but now comes our slower time getting close to the holidays. We do much less entertaining but do lots of baking, cooking and crafts still. More close to home quiet time.

I am revamping the Mouth Watering Mondays and will only be doing this segment on Mondays and not another post, trying to free up some time for the cookbook and some other projects. I am now including pictures and links to some of my favorite picks from around the internet. Things that have made me stop and pause and drool. I hope you enjoy this!!!

This Monday is focused on Halloween. First off we have this wonderful cake pop. These are not easy things to make. I know I have made them many times and never have they turned out this cute. Love the mummy cake pops from We Choose by Niner Bakes. They also have pumpkin cakes pops that are adorable with a full set of instructions.

Halloween Pumpkin & Mummy Cake Pops

Now aren’t these cute, lovely little spiders made from one of my favorite chocolates that screams Halloween for me, Reese’s peanut butter cups. Yummy!! These adorable delectables are by Half Baked Harvest, go and see how easy they are to make!!!

This cake caught my eye, it looks difficult but the instructions make it look easy. Kids would go crazy for it and it would be the hit of any Halloween party. Got to Makoodle for the full instructions on how to make this fabulous Monster Cake.

This crazy little pizza has spooky and yummy written all over it. How the kids would love this before trick or treating!! For the full mouth watering instructions go to Within The Kitchen….is where life happens.

What a fabulous creative idea this is. Stamped wonton wrappers, brilliant!! I love the creativity and they sound so good too! Madeira Mushroom Filled Halloween Won Ton Appetizers by Hungry Happenings has upped the ante on Halloween with this one.

I saw this picture and stayed on it for awhile. How mysterious and enchanting is this cocktail for Halloween. Then I discovered it’s name La Llorona the Weeping Woman and I was completely sold. How fabulous is that, love it. Go to Muy Bueno Cookbook for the full spooky story behind this cocktail and how to create your own. Muwahahaha!!





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