This restaurant has had a lot of buzz around it for a long time. It is run and owned by Chef Michael Noble and is a gourmet casual restaurant. We went on a Friday night having got reservations well in advance. It appeared we had the only table left in the place when we entered at 5:45 pm. By the time we left the line up was huge. Therefore I highly recommend reservations.

The restaurant has a modern open kitchen concept with tall bar stools when you first walk in. Going up a couple of stairs you enter a lovely big dining area. The restaurant as I said was packed making it very loud but giving it a good vibe!! A great date night venue I would say, keep the little ones at home!!! We did bring Amber with us but she is an adventurous eater and of course at this age, very quiet.


We started off with a cocktail and I ordered my usual, dry martini on the rocks with an olive. You would think this is a very standard easy cocktail to make but they almost never get it right!! No olive this time but other than that it was very good. Amber enjoyed a classic Shirley Temple!

MartiniShirley Temple

Then onto the appetizers and we were adventuresome!! Starting off with the Oysters (5) which came with three different sauces. Amber gobbled down two and was begging for me to order more but we settled on sharing just these. We then ordered the Duck Confit which is topped with Alpindon cheese and accompanied by a lentil cassoulet, red beets and a maple butter. The duck was done to perfection with a wonderful combination of flavors.

OystersDuck Confit

Our mains were wide and varied, each of us feeling like something different. Amber enjoyed the Ravioli of Confit Chicken with Roast Mushrooms and Boursin Cheese. She did say the the bottom of the pasts seemed mushy having been over done but quite enjoyed the flavors of the ravioli.

I had the Saltspring Mussels and Fries that were done in a Thai Coconut Sauce which I truly loved. I adore mussels and these were done to perfection in the wonderfully tasty sauce. Crispy french fries were gobbled down by Amber too!

Ken surprisingly ordered the Prime Rib which is out of the ordinary for him but this dish is only served on Thursday and Friday night. Something special!! He really enjoyed it!!

RavioliSaltspring Mussels and FriesPrime Rib

No room for dessert here!! All in all a delicious meal!! The service was also very good and we will be going back again to enjoy this wonderful restaurant!! Their location is 4611 Bowness Rd. NW in Calgary. Check out their website for all further details.

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