That’s What I Think (TWIT) Review

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I was given a set of these PlateToppers to try out. They have multi uses in that they are great for a plate of leftovers to put into the fridge or to have a plate of food ready for someone coming home late. Once placed on the plate and pushed down they create an airtight seal to keep your food fresh. They then can go right into the microwave and be used as a splash guard. I like that they come in different sizes to accommodate all the plates that you own.

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I do own square plates and they still work great as a splash guard for the microwave. They are easily stackable to store away and can be conveniently cleaned up in the dishwasher. Also PlateTopper are BPA free!

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PlateTopper are even freezer safe. You can reduce the amount of plastic wraps and foil that you use to keep your food fresh. Come and visit PlateTopper to order.






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