Prosciutto Wrapped Figs

Figs………….I love them!! This is when they are in season and we always get a flat or two. I like them fresh with cheese and crackers or wrapped in something yummy like prosciutto and grilled or broiled. Stay tuned for tomorrow as I will change it up even more. When they are heated they just melt in your mouth. Okay, I’m drooling just thinking about these again. Maybe it was a fig that Eve tempted Adam with makes more sense than an apple. Anyway I know I am tempted to eat more and more of this seldom seen fruit and encouraged to come up with more recipes each year. I hope you try this one.

12 fresh figs
12 slices of prosciutto
Spreadable cream cheese
Balsamic reduction

Slice each fig in half and scoop out a small amount of fig from the center, maybe 1/2-1 tsp., replace with a small scoop of cream cheese. Slice prosciutto in half lengthwise so you have a long strip. Wrap each half fig in the prosciutto and place cut side down on a baking sheet. Heat the oven broiler and broil for a few minutes to heat through. Don’t cook too long as the cheese will start to run out and the fig will get mushy. Drizzle with balsamic reduction and serve immediately. Yum!!

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  1. says

    Simple and classic – such a nice combination. I haven’t made these for quite awhile – probably time again, don’t you think? Great photo. Thanks for this.

  2. says

    Yum – this has all of my favorite things! I might have to pick up some figs from the market tomorrow and try this with some goat cheese!

  3. says

    Love prosciutto wrapped figs! Just made these the other day with cream cheese and topped with a balsamic glaze! So good! Congrats on having these featuring on Daily Food Buzz top 9!!!

  4. Sabrina@loulousucre says

    These look amazing! I also love figs. We planted a tree this year and I’ve only gotten a few. I can’t wait until it really starts producing and I’ll have to make your recipe!!

  5. says

    I have had prosciutto wrapped pears before, but never figs. Actually, I have just never had figs! But I am sure the combination is great… prosciutto is great with EVERYTHING!

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