Slow Cooker Ribs for Addicted To Recipes Guest Post

I am thrilled to be guest posting again. Dawn has a great site at Addicted To Recipes. The last time I did a guest post on her site was way back in June of last year and I had made for Dawn  Moroccan Chicken. This time I am doing a Slow Cooker Rib recipe. This recipe is oh so easy as most are in a slow cooker. Succulent fall off the ribs meat is waiting for you after a busy day of running around. I did like to stir these every once in a while to coat them nicely which is usually a no no with a slow cooker but I find they cook better and more even. So do this recipe on a weekend when you are popping in and out.

Can you believe ribs that look this good came from a slow cooker???

To get this fabulous recipe come on over to Addicted To Recipes. Have a great day all!!!




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    The terrible thing about cooking with slow cooker overnight is that I wake up SO hungry the next day because the whole house smells delish! I’ve never cooked with ribs in slow cooker before, will definitely check this out.

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