Steak Butters

I came up with this idea because I wanted blue cheese on top of my steak but I know that Ken doesn’t like that very much. So I thought of the butters. You can make so many different flavours the list would be endless. Herb butters, garlic butter, cheese butter (with endless cheeses) and spiced butters such as smoked paprika butter or combinations. Here are the two that we used. If you are like us you always have some chipotle hanging around in the freezer as we never use the whole can.

Butter, room temperature
Stilton cheese, crumbled finely
Smoked chipotle in adobo sauce
Tenderloins wrapped in bacon (or any steak you prefer)

Finely chop a small amount of chipotle and add a dollop of butter. Stir to combine. Roll into a ball if possible or place in the refrigerator to harden slightly and roll in a ball.

Mix a dollop of butter with the finely crumbled Stilton cheese. Stir to combine. Again roll into a ball if possible or place in the refrigerator to harden slightly and roll in a ball.

Store the balls in the refrigerator until ready to use. When steaks are done to your preference place the butter balls on top. You may want to pass them under the broiler for a moment or use a kitchen torch to get them melting. Incredibly good!!

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    Yum!!! I MUST try this!! The steaks look wonderful!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

    P.S. For your entry to work (in the giveaway).. you must make sure you have the links included in the tagline. :)


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