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I am starting a new segment for books, products and restaurant reviews and anything else that might fall into this category. I am starting off with a bang!!! First in this new series is Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child by Bob Spitz and what a remarkable life it was. If you know my blog I love Julia and and have for my whole life. A huge fan!! So when I was asked to do JC100 I was thrilled to start to celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday on August 15, 2012, 15 weeks in advance by cooking her recipes up to that date. Alfred A. Knopf was her publisher and they put together this wonderful celebration. As a thank you for participating I received this lovely book.

I savored every page of this book from her hi jinks as a child, through her school days to becoming a top secret wartime researcher, to her adult married life when she learned all of her culinary education in post war France and finally the Julia we all know and love in her cookbooks and TV shows. The book is an extensive look into a very fascinating life giving you unbelievable details and a well documented portrait.

Julia is brought to life in this book making you feel like you have met her as she is transformed in front of you with wit, charm, warmth and never say never incorrigible attitude. A real woman who sought out what she wanted and did it, an inspiration to us all.

Bob Spitz takes you chapter by chapter into her life and makes you want to read more as he has a knack for leaving you dangling. It is a well researched book that is an easy and enjoyable read. A book that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish and I am sad my ride is over.

Pick up Dearie and give it a read for cooks of all ages will enjoy it. There are also 30 wonderful nostalgic pictures to entice you along the way. ENJOY AND BON APPETIT!!




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