Mott’s Clamato Contest

Entertaining Tip

I won, I won, I won!! I could not be more thrilled. I did, not that long ago 4 posts leading up to an entertaining tip using Mott’s Clamato and they picked me as a winner!! I get to fly to Toronto to meet and be filmed with Caesar Clint plus I get an honorarium… 

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Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award - Copy (2)

I am very grateful to be nominated for this award from two different sites and will combine them here today. First off a big thanks to Caity from an Awkward Kitchenette. She has a lovely site and lots of great recipes. I love her Taco Egg Rolls of today!! I have also been nominated by… 

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One Lovely Blog Award


Wow, I was just nominated for my first award!! I am thrilled to accept it!! Thank you so much Vanessa from Homemade Bites. I always wondered how you got these lovely awards but hadn’t figured it out yet. {Seven random facts about me} 1. I have had a love of food and a passion for… 

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