Oven Bake Clay

March 2013 483 (Small)

I haven’t shown you a craft for a long time. I actually removed crafts from my title as I am not doing them that often. Oh to find the time to do it all. Amber on the other hand is down in the craft room a lot. I recently bought her some oven bake clay… 

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Duct Tape Slippers

Ziploc cut in half

I am going to try hard to bring a craft onto the blog at least once a month. Amber is constantly crafting and making things and I will share her little projects with you. When I came back from Las Vegas a few months ago I found these slippers in Amber’s room. She had been… 

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Line the bottom with decorative rocks

I love to watch The Chew everyday and I am totally smitten with Michael Symon. I always have it PVR’d, so not to miss an episode. Ken has to endure listening to me go on and on about Michael. For the most part I don’t think he really minds as they have some great ideas… 

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