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Without Papers is a casual pizza restaurant in the heart of Calgary’s historic Inglewood neighborhood. In Italy you must have papers to make a pizza of this quality.They have two restaurants that I know of. The second one being Sugo which is also located in Inglewood. I have not been to the restaurant yet but would love to try it out also.

Amber had camp with her friends down in Inglewood so I wondered about until I found this restaurant that I have been hearing so much buzz about. You walk up a huge flight of skinny stairs and at the top, the restaurant opens up to a large room. At one end is where the action is. A totally open kitchen. I decided to sit at the eat at bar and watch the happenings. It is a busy little happening place. I had forgot my camera but still wanted to try the pizza. I had the Parma which was a pizza topped with prosciutto, arugula, fiore di latte, parmigiano and tomato sauce. Scrumptious!!

The next day I had to take Amber and her friends again to camp and oh darn, had to go back and have another pizza so I could share pictures with you. I was seated at a lovely window seat the second day over looking the busy trendy street below, perfect!! I ordered a sparkling water with lemon and got a big bottle of Q water (not sure what the Q stands for) and it was perfect for me. I decided on the Shroom pizza. If you love wild mushrooms and truffle oil this one is for you. It is also topped with roasted garlic and arugula. So very good. I love pizzas like this with great quality ingredients on a thin crispy crust.

Here is their menu to have a look at. There are lots more to choose from. I would highly recommend this pizza place. Come with a friend so you can try more than one. I will be going back again.

Their website is www.wopizza.ca to find their exact location and phone number.

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