Zombie Cupcakes

Day three of our frightful treats and crafts. My very dear friend Nan who I adore was over for Thanksgiving dinner with her family. When she comes in she is always loaded down with armfuls of wonderful presents. This Zombie cupcake kit was one of them she gave to Amber. We made the cupcakes on the weekend and Amber and her girlfriends devoured them yesterday. They were a huge hit. Sorry today you won’t get a recipe but I hope this inspires you to go looking for funky ideas to decorate your cupcakes.

My little zombies I picked up last year in a funky little shop up in Edmonton called Chicken Scratch. I love my little sill dwellers. Call me crazy and many do but this time of year is so much fun. Nan took one look at them and fell in love. So I added them to the Zombie cupcake pictures. If you enjoy Halloween 1/10 as much as I do you will have a blast with it.





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