Instant Pot Jerk Chicken and Little Potatoes

olive oil chicken thighs allspice cinnamon onion powder garlic powder cayenne pepper dried thyme kosher salt fresh ground pepper brown sugar onion Trio Little Potatoes chicken stock mangos sweet onion red pepper cilantro lime juice


Mix together the spices for the jerk chicken in a small bowl.


Coat the chicken on all sides with the spice mixture and set aside.


Set your instant pot to the saute function and add the olive oil. Once heated cook the onions.


Remove onions, add chicken to the instant pot, and start to brown the chicken on both sides.


Remove chicken. Turn off instant pot and add chicken stock. Using a spoon, scrape up the brown bits from the bottom of the pot.


Add one package of Trio Little Potatoes, then evenly spoon the onions over the potatoes.


Add the chicken back into the pot along with any juice from the chicken and cook as instructed.


While the chicken is cooking, in a medium bowl, mix the mango salsa ingredients together and set aside.


Serve the chicken and potatoes with mango salsa.

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