Slow Cooker Roast Beef with Potatoes & Carrots

Olive Oil Top Sirloin or Chuck Roast Brown Sugar Kosher Salt Fresh Ground Pepper Yellow Onions Minced Garlic Purely Purple Little Potato Company Potatoes Carrots Celery Sticks Balsamic Vinegar Dry Mustard Dry Red Wine Beef Broth Bouillon Paste Worcestershire Sauce Fresh Rosemary Butter Flour Fresh Parsley

Creamy Horseradish Dijon Mustard Mayonnaise Sour Cream Salt Pepper Chives

An easy-to-make meal.

Perfect for the holidays or a Sunday night feast!

The best horseradish sauce ever!

You won't get any lumps with this gravy!

A classic made even better!

A company-worthy meal of comfort food made easy!

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