Hi there, I love comments, feedback or questions. You can contact me at Looking forward to be hearing from you. Cheers, Tara

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  1. Tara I have been dreaming of your pumpkin cookies…I am trying to make weight right now and am narrowing down the best thing I can eat after my comp and those epic cookies are in the top three things! Can you post the recipe?

  2. Oh for heaven’s sake- you are a geek! No wonder you have this all figured out. (I cannot get the hang of this stuff!) too old?. I would love to be able to start a website, blog, and be able to post recipes on Tasty Kitchen! Then on to a book of my own, when I retire in 5 years… or so.

    • I am not really a geek at all as I have never done any of this stuff before. It is all a huge learning curve but I have the support and encouragement of my family and friends and that is all I need. I have cooked my whole life and I know my food is good but I have had to learn everything else from scratch. I am a very driven person though and hate to be defeated. Good luck Dianna and you will figure it all out too!!

  3. Hi Tara,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me the wonderful comment. I had a photo question for you. How do you take such bright pictures indoors? I have a dslr and I can”t seem to get away from the “yellow” tinge. It’s driving me crazy. I live in a wooded area so I don’t have great narual light. Any thougths or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Try setting your camera to tungsten light. That should get rid of the yellow. I used a great photography book that has helped me so much and it is available on my site. Just click on the revolving picture that is just under my Tastespotting banner and you can see the book. It is a small investment with big results. You will love it. I can’t talk enough about this book.

  4. Dear Tara,
    Congrats on your new endeavor….. I am the proud author of The Nunes Family Cookbook>>> You can check out my credentials @ Barnes and Noble or
    My newest adventure is a libation recipe book. I stumbled on your Blue Hawaiian Cake recipe, and would like your permission to use it in my next book. Please e-mail me…would love to chat with you. Another Foodie, Robin Nunes

  5. Tara, thank you for inviting me to your pinterest board. I have a pinterest 101 question!
    Is there an easy way to find out if I have already pinned a “pin” into a board? Some of the board that I have joined have so many pins that I don’t know how to find out and I don’t want to be remove from them! Thanks for your time! Love your blog. Marie

  6. I had left a comment on Pinterest on the French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes I received an email saying you responded but when I clicked on the link I kept getting an error code could you possibly send a link that works tithe actual recipe ? They look delicious

    • I deleted the pin as it didn’t go anywhere, I was just surfing around and those caught my eye. Too bad they didn’t have a recipe that went with them. I will keep my eye open again for something like that………….or I should dream one up myself. Hmmmm!

  7. Hi Tara-

    I saw you have ads from foodieblogroll on your site. I was just approved for their add program and I wanted to ask someone who uses them for a little guidance. Would you mind speaking for a bit either over twitter or Facebook messenger? Thanks!

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