Grilled Potato Wedges with Curry Aioli

Grilled-potato-wedges-with-curry-aioli-26 (Small)

Grilled Potato Wedges with Curry Aioli – Culinary Ginger So thrilled to have Janette Fuschi today from Culinary Ginger. I adore Janette’s work, her recipes are fantastic, her photography spot on. Janette is in a few of the groups that I am in and we work side by side sharing our recipes. Janette has some… 

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BC Blueberries by Noshing With The Nolands Square (3) (Small)

BC Blueberries

BC Blueberries I adore BC Blueberries and was very happy to be invited again this year to BC Blueberry Council event at The National on 8th. Blueberries at this time of year are fantastic!! They are big, plump, juicy and full of flavor. The are loaded with antioxidants, I think most of us know that… 

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Asian Noodle Summertime Salad by Noshing With The Nolands 480x480

Asian Noodle Summertime Salad

Asian Noodle Summertime Salad I have been asked to do a series of posts for Tofu Shirataki using their delicious products in a variety of dishes. I love creating recipes, so thank you to House Foods for this delectable opportunity to make this Asian Noodle Summertime Salad. I have worked with the shirataki noodles before in… 

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The Keg by Noshing With The Nolands square (Small)

New Lobster Menu at The Keg

New Lobster Menu at The Keg We were invited to The Keg on 4th Ave. SW here in Calgary again and I was very excited to see what was on their New Lobster Menu at The Keg. I have not been out for a lobster dinner in so long and was really looking forward to indulging… 

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Easy Enchilada Sauce by Noshing With The Nolands square (Small)

Easy Enchilada Sauce

Easy Enchilada Sauce I have a quick and Easy Enchilada Sauce recipe today that you could use in so many dishes. We love Mexican and Latin food and to have a easy enchilada sauce recipe is vital for so many dishes. This is a mild enchilada sauce but be my guest if you like it spicy… 

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How to Start a Food Blog Banner (Small)

How to Start a Food Blog in 3 Easy Steps

HOW TO START A FOOD BLOG You have been mulling this around in your head for awhile now but you just don’t know where to start. You love cooking, you love sharing recipes so the next logical step in your thoughts is to start a food blog to share those recipes to even more people…. 

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Potato Stacks by Noshing With The Nolands (9) (Small)

Cheesy Potato Stacks #LittlePotatoCompany

Cheesy Potato Stacks #LittlePotatoCompany We have an extra post you today using The Little Potato Company potatoes for kids with Cheesy Potato Stacks. If you know me well you know how this whole blog got started and that was with Friday Night Cooking Classes, soon it became FNCC. When my daughter was 9, I felt she was… 

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Summer Veggie Wife Saver by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Summer Veggie Wife Saver

Summer Veggie Wife Saver Need a brunch idea for the summer months? Why leave a wife saver for only Christmas morning. We need help all through the year!! So I thought that a Summer Veggie Wife Saver would be a great idea not only for time saving but to showcase some great fresh produce at… 

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Blueberry Pie Square (Small)

Mouth Watering Mondays – Blueberry Pie

Mouth Watering Mondays – Blueberry Pie Do you love blueberries as much as I do? We eat them all summer long and at times put them into gorgeous desserts like this Mouth Watering Mondays – Blueberry Pie!! Ken, my hubby is the pie guy and makes some amazing pies. This is one of his creations and… 

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Ravenswood Wines by Noshing With The Nolands Square (Small)

Ravenswood Wines

Ravenswood Wines Stampede rolls around again in these parts at the beginning of July and Joel Peterson the owner of Ravenswood Wines loves to come up from Sonoma, California for our down home good time. Last year I was thrilled to be invited to meet this fascinating gentlemen, just the same as I was this year…. 

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Peach Blueberry White Wine Sangria by Noshing With The Nolands 480x480

Peach Blueberry Sangria

Peach Blueberry Sangria I was given the opportunity to try to do some wine making by RJS Craft Winemaking. I have never done anything like this before, so I jumped at the chance to try this. I thought a lovely Pinot Grigrio would be great for summer in something like a Peach Blueberry Sangria. Light… 

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