Potatoes Dauphinoise #LeCreuset

Potatoes Dauphinoise #LeCreuset by Noshing With The Nolands (2) (Small)

There really aren’t words to describe how utterly thrilled I am to work with Le Creuset Canada. I have for many years drooled over their product. I have longingly gazed at it from a far. Gently touched it, caressed it. Am I going over board? No, I don’t think so when I am talking about Le… 

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Brandied Cinnamon Apple Preserves by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Brandied Cinnamon Apple Preserves

I have a very special cookbook for you today. One that I have been loving flipping through and drooling over the recipes. We did a lot of preserving and canning this past fall and Pomana’s Pectin played right into this. It is a revolutionary low-sugar pectin. We tried it out with our Crabapple Jelly initially but… 

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New Potatoes with Basil and Roasted Red Peppers by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Little Potatoes with Basil and Roasted Red Peppers #LilPotatoCo

I received potatoes from The Little Potato Company, uh ya thrilled!! I love little potatoes so much, they are completely versatile with endless possibilities for recipes. They can just be simply made, boiled and served with butter, salt and pepper, one of my favorites. I could eat an entire bowl of them just that way…. 

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Fruit and Nut Shortbread by Noshing With The Nolands (4) (Small)

Fruit and Nut Shortbread

Cookbook review day and this is a great one for the holidays. A perfect gift for the foodie in your family or a little treat for yourself. I have loved The Best of Bridge series for a very long time!! They have tried and true recipes that never seem to fail. From this cookbook  I… 

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Southern Pomegranate Sparkler2 (Small)

Southern Pomegranate Sparkler #SundaySupper

We are doing another #SundaySupper today and I couldn’t resist joining in for this one as it is Libations, you know drinks, alcoholic bevies, cocktails but also any dishes made with alcohol. I love cooking with alcohol and I love making fun cocktails. I always do at least one cocktail for the site for the… 

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French Onion Soup Freezer Kits #Calphalon by Noshing With The Nolands5 (Small)

French Onion Soup Freezer Kits #Calphalon

How I love you Calphalon, let me count the ways!! I recieved this gorgeous stock pot from Calphalon and couldn’t have been more thrilled. Our daughter is having a French Onion Soup fetish at the moment so I decided to indulge her with French Onion Soup Freezer Kits. She is 14 now and can pull… 

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milk hunger games

Milk Canada and The Hunger Games

Do you love milk? We sure do in this household. We buy it by the gallons!! I love milk not only for the nutritional value but even more so for quenching my thirst!! It is a go to beverage for all of us in the family. Hunger Games is also a very popular movie here… 

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Seven Layer Squares by Noshing With The Nolands (3) (Small)

Seven Layer Bars #ChipitsHoliday

I am doing a post for you today with Hershey’s Chipits and it is Seven Layer Bars. I love chipits and always, always have some on hand. I actually have a tub in the freezer with different packages of various amount of Chipits at the ready for any recipe. For the holidays they are used… 

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Overnight French Toast by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Overnight French Toast #CanadianEggs

The holidays are fast approaching and there are many recipes to think of. I love a nice breakfast on Christmas morning or over the holidays but don’t want to be standing there forever making it. Overnight French Toast has been a favorite of ours for years and was originally shared from a friend of mine,… 

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