Duct Tape Slippers

I am going to try hard to bring a craft onto the blog at least once a month. Amber is constantly crafting and making things and I will share her little projects with you.

When I came back from Las Vegas a few months ago I found these slippers in Amber’s room. She had been making them while I was gone. I thought they were so cute. She does things with no guidance, making crafts on her own. She saw a friend at school had made some so off she went to make some for herself. Here is a step by step guide to what she did.
Take a plastic Ziplock bag and cut it in half.
Slice the bottom of the bag open.
Line the bag with duct tape
Fold the back up onto your heel.
Now fold the back into your foot.
Fold the sides towards the center of your foot.
Overlap the two sides.
Tape under the foot making it as tight or as loose as you like.
Fold the top over or trim if too long.
Tape the top down.
Continue taping entire shoe.
When completely taped cut a “v” to let your foot out.
Create your own designs.
Mismatch colors.
Make them your own.



Rundle Lounge, Banff

We had Zack visiting from Ontario, a great friend for Amber. He had never been to the mountains before so off we went on a road trip. It is only an 1 1/2 hour drive so easily done in a day. We ventured out mid morning getting into Banff at lunch time and headed right to Banff Springs Hotel. This is a glorious hotel nestled in the mountains and was first constructed back in 1887 and finished in 1888. It was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway at the instigation of it’s president William Cornelius Van Horne. It was completely refurbished in 1911 to what it looks like today. Having been built out of wood initially it now is a concrete giant looming out of the forest. Quite the awesome picture, sorry I don’t have one for you as when I went to retrieve one off the Internet I got a very nasty virus that completely crashed my computer, so sadly I won’t do that again.

Anyway within Banff Springs are many restaurants. We chose the Rundle Lounge which has a great view of Rundle Mountain. We sat back and relaxed in their busy little lounge watching the coming and going of a wedding that was on the balcony. Which is always fun to see the latest fashions.

We started off with drinks and the kids had a classic Shirley Temple. Zack is such an easy going little guy he will happily try anything!! They loved it. I had a Cornelius Caesar. It is the Canadian classic drink with the addition of serrano peppers, cucumber and a hint of olive juice. It was pricey but it was delicious!! I’m worth it, right?

Amber is adventuresome and had the smoked salmon crepes while Zack played it safe and ordered off the kids menu and got the penne and meatballs. Both were completely devoured.

Ken and I kind of split our meal with sharing the Chorizo Mac-n-Cheese (we felt less guilty then) and the Margherita Pizza. One nice and light and the other nice and rich!! The chorizo mac was so good I need to try to do a copycat version of that one. While the pizza was light, tasty and crisp. Just how I like it. All in all a great meal with good service in a very busy lounge.

In the afternoon they serve high tea but I have not tried that as of yet. Looks like a great menu though.What fun would that be!!

Click here to see what else they have to offer or better yet go out to beautiful Banff to take in the sites. You will have a great day or vacation.

Rundle Lounge at the FairmontBanff Springs Hotel on Urbanspoon



In Need of Glasses?

I have been wearing eyeglasses for a number of years now. I can’t live without them. I use them mainly for reading but I am doing that all day long!! Sitting at my computer blogging, they are a necessity. Reading a recipe, I have to have them. Out for dinner to read the menu, they are so needed!! So I wear my glasses pretty much all the time.

I was contacted by GlassesUSA.com to tell all my readers about the amazing deals this company has to offer. Who doesn’t like a deal? They are an international company so they will ship to us in Canada also.

They have loads of designer frames too!! From Coach to Jones of New York to Guess just to name a few. All at a discounted price!!!

You can order everything online now and it is such a fast and convenient way to shop. From your finger tips to your door. What could be easier? Not sure how to order glasses that will be right for you? They have a tips guide to assist you. Plus this great virtual mirror program below.

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