Eyeball Truffles

Eyeball Truffles by Noshing With The Nolands5 (Custom)

I am so happy to be guest posting today, at this gorgeous site Magnolia Days. I am a big fan of Renee’s site as she is always serving up something inventive, creative and just down right delicious. For today I did one of my favorites for Halloween, Eyeball Truffles. If you know me, you will… 

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Apron Blowout

Yes, you have it right. We are blowing out the remainder of our aprons at rock bottom prices. Only $10.00 each plus shipping and handling, regularly $28.95. Come and shop while the supplies last!!  

Leftover Turkey, Sausage Enchilada by Noshing With The Nolands (2) (Small)

Leftover Turkey, Sausage Enchilada Casserole

It is holiday season and leftover season, so today I give you Leftover Turkey, Sausage Enchilada Casserole. We just had our Thanksgiving up here in Canada last weekend. I know I am not the first to have thought of this recipe but it came to me when I was looking at this Enchilada Casserole recipe… 

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Enchilada Frittata by Noshing With The Nolands (3) (Small)

Enchilada Frittata #CanadianEggs

I am bringing you an Enchilada Frittata today. I got the inspiration from Eggs.ca. They have 30 gorgeous looking frittatas on their site. In particular this pretty Frittata San Remo caught my eye. Then I went even further and started thinking of an enchilada, a seafood enchilada. I wanted some of the ingredients of an… 

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Apple Cranberry Nut Muffins by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Apple Cranberry Nut Muffins #KitchenAid #Affresh #Giveaway

We are in our last couple of days of our #KitchenAid #Affresh #Giveaway!! I thought I would pair up a fantastic fall muffin, Apple Cranberry Nut Muffins with a steamy cup of coffee for you today. No better way to start your day or have a mid morning or mid afternoon snack than with a… 

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Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup By Noshing With The Nolands (2) (Small)

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup #SundaySupper

It is Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada but I have not done a #SundaySupper for awhile. I adore our slow cooker and use it all year round but more so in the fall and winter. Today I have for you Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup. If you are followers of Noshing With The Nolands… 

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Proscuitto Roasted Pepper Breakfast Sandwich by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Prosciutto Roasted Pepper Breakfast Sandwich

Today we are showing you a Prosciutto Roasted Pepper Breakfast Sandwich. There is a little story behind how this all came to fruition. I did a review of a cookbook that specializes in Breakfast Sandwiches and I featured The Hawaiian Breakfast Sandwich but there was one problem, I didn’t have a sandwich maker yet. The… 

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Honey Sriracha Chicken Nuggets by Noshing With The Nolands (2)

Honey Sriracha Chicken Nuggets – Guest Post

I have just joined Real Housemoms and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Today is my first post and I want to thank Julie and Aubrey for all their kindness and professionalism in helping me set up this first post. This is a class act and I am thrilled to be involved. Once a month I… 

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Old Time Squash Casserole by Noshing With The Nolands (2) (Small)

Old Time Squash Casserole

I have a gorgeous Old Time Squash Casserole for you for your Thanksgiving table for this weekend. This is a recipe that I loved the second I tried it. This year I have been experimenting with different squash ever since we did Squash Fest for #SundaySupper. I am in love with the Red Kuri squash…. 

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