Ravenswood Wines – Meeting The Godfather of Zin

Ravenwoods Wine by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

I was invited to an amazing event at The Wine Cellar in downtown Calgary. To dine with the iconic “Godfather of Zin”, Joel Peterson, the founder of Ravenswood wines. The event was an intimate dining experience in The Cellar in downtown Calgary during The Stampede and catered by Murreita’s. When I first arrived we were… 

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WURST Uberkitchen

WURST by Noshing With The Nolands (6) (Small)

I have a friend in town, the very first blogger from afar!! I have only met local bloggers never someone as far away as Texas!! Michele from Flavor Mosaic came up to Calgary for business and we connected with a very special lunch. Sarah the great PR gal I work with from WURST Uberkitchen hooked… 

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Sushi Yama

Sushi Yama by Noshing With The Nolands (8) (Small)

I love sushi, actually that is an under statement. I am over the moon for sushi!! But, there are different kinds of sushi, good sushi and bad sushi!! Today I am showing you a little restaurant in Escondido, California that has really good sushi. We just happened upon this one, it was packed though and… 

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Bocce – Fresh Italian

Bocce by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

There is a new pizza joint in town!! This one is not like the others!! It is serving up fresh Italian with gorgeous unique appetizers, pastas, pizzas, salads, desserts and more!! It is Mission’s newest eatery here in Calgary. In an awesome end of town that is easily accessible by foot from so many businesses… 

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