Double Zero Grand Opening Chinook Mall

We have another fabulous location for a Double Zero restaurant here in our fine city of Calgary, Alberta. They are now in one of our biggest malls, Chinook. A wonderfully lively, open and airy feeling bar (downstairs) and restaurant upstairs.

Here is the downstairs bar area.

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (2) (Small)

And the upstairs restaurant, where all the deliciousness comes out of!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (14) (Small)

The night started off with Prosecco, can’t beat that!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (5) (Small)

There were delicious appetizers set out like this charcuterie.

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (7) (Small)And a lovely cheese board too!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (6) (Small)

My favorite are a really good olive and these were fantastic!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Octopus appetizers and they were amazing!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (8) (Small)This is real good, authentic Italian food, appetizers that I would actually get in Italy!! This is an anchovy over a fennel citrus salad and a crunchy crostini, I had to have two, scrumptious!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (9) (Small)

Eggs are so good when they are cooked to perfection, this one is medium and excellent.

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (10) (Small)

Then out came the pizzas and there were many more than what I am showing you today!! Loved the shaved pineapple on this ham and pineapple pizza!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (13) (Small)

Talk about fabulous looking, come here to me mama!! Look at that cheesy mushroomy madness!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (11) (Small)

Have you ever seen a pepperoni pizza look this tantalizing!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (12) (Small)

When I was upstairs having a peek around these gorgeous dishes were coming out of the kitchen. This looks like their Tuna Crudo, I believe.

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (16) (Small)

Also Arancini, one of my favorites!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (17) (Small)

And pizzas made fresh to order!!

Double Zero by Noshing With The Nolands (15) (Small)

Come and see either Double Zero location, bring family and friends and ENJOY!! Mangia, Mangia!!

Thank you so much again Sarah for including us in this fabulous grand opening.



Fruh Kolsch

PROST!!! FRUH KOLSCH is now in Canada. This light and I mean light tasting, wonderfully refreshing German beer is now available here in Canada and the launch in our town, was at WURST, a German restaurant and beer hall!!

Fruh Kolsch by Noshing With The Nolands

This beer is clear light yellow with a billowy foam head. It tastes slightly sweet and is crisp and glorious. If you close your eyes you are transcended to the hills of Bavaria, Germany and you can hear the Sound of Music echoing through the hills…..scratch the record!! Sorry I got carried away.

What I did hear when we were at Wurst was the wonderfully lively songs of a Oompah band.

Fruh Kolsch by Noshing With The Nolands

I went to this event with the lovely Courtney, my girlfriend’s daughter. This little gal enjoys her beer, she is usually a Guinness drinker, but loved the lightness of this beer for hot summer days!!

Fruh Kolcsh by Noshing With The Nolands

Wurst is a traditional beer hall downstairs and upstairs more of a restaurant. Downstairs you are seated at long benches and find it easy to join into conversations with people seated around you. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with this lovely couple. Nibbling, sipping and gabbing!! Also in the picture is some of the members of the Oompah Band. Fun times!!

Fruh Kolsch by Noshing With The Nolands

Come and like theirĀ Facebook page and see more pictures of Fruh Kolsch and the launch here in Canada!!


National Grand Opening Westhills

I was invited to a grand opening of National’s new location in Westhills, Calgary. We have been to other locations around Calgary but are happy to have one close to home.

Here is Ken and myself, having a great time!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands Sarah Geddes their lovely PR gal invited not only us but guests. Our friends Sonia and Greg joined us.

National by Noshing With The Nolands The have a great menu to peruse!!

National by Noshing With  The NolandsBut for this night we were treated like royalty. Look at this towering seafood tray!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands

Plus large charcuterie trays!! My fav!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands (3) (Small)

The beer was flowing too!! They had little samples of their house beer brewed by a local craft brewery called Village Brewery, an unfiltered light beer with a nice hop finish!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands (5) (Small)

Then more food started rolling in, fried pickles anyone?

National by Noshing With The Nolands (6) (Small)Lobster sliders with potato chips for an insanely good pairing!!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands (7) (Small)Brussels sprouts as an appetizer? Who knew, but I would order them again, delicious!!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands (8) (Small)

These were not my fav, Duck Nuggets. I think if they were smaller I would have liked them better.

National by Noshing With The Nolands (9) (Small)

Lastly for us were these amazing sliders. They were all of our favorites!!! So tasty and juicy!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands (10) (Small)

Amber came in late from a day of skiing and had this indulgent dessert!! Salted Caramel Fiasco Ice Cream and Cookies, YUM!!!

National by Noshing With The Nolands (11) (Small)

I would really like to thank Sarah for a fabulous night out, a restaurant that we will be going to again for sure!! We enjoyed our company, the food and beer. Perfect evening!!

Come and see one of National locations or this one at 180 Stewart Green SW, Calgary, AB

National Westhills on Urbanspoon

Milestones Grill and Bar

One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get invites out to restaurants and events. Milestones Grill and Bar was kind enough to send me a gift card to try out one of their restaurants.

They have three locations here in Calgary and more in Edmonton, British Columbia and Ontario.

Ken, Amber and I went for a brunch to the Market Mall location. It is located just within the mall. We were greeted warmly upon entering and brought to a nice big comfortable booth. The atmosphere is casual dining with an upscale feel. The decor is contemporary and the service friendly.

There is a centrally located bar with TVs that I didn’t find distracting but enjoyable to glance at every now and then.

Amber was not very hungry as she had eaten prior to coming so she chose something off the appetizer menu.

Crispy Asian Chicken Bites with your choice of sauce either, Sweet Chili or Spicy Thai. She chose the Sweet Chili and really enjoyed them!!

Milestones Grill and Bar by Noshing With The Nolands (Small)

Ken tried a new item on the brunch menu Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny. Look at how utterly fantastic this looks. Ken did order a side of sausage that were very anemic looking and was sent back. They did send out some nicer looking sausage and in the end didn’t charge us for it, so I like when situations are comfortably remedied!!

Milestones Grill and Bar by Noshing With The Nolands (3) (Small)I wanted to try an old standard off the menu, the waitress said it is one of the most popular. So I went for the Prime Rib Hash. Look at that mess of deliciousness!!!

Milestones Grill and Bar by Noshing With The Nolands (5) (Small)I would like to return to try out their dinner and lunch menus. They also have a fun Date Night Menu, Dinner for 2 for $50, from appetizer to dessert and it looks fantastic!!

I have been to their other location on Stephen Avenue mall and enjoyed the lunch there very much as well. Thank you Milestones for your hospitality.

Earls Tin Palace, part deux!!

Day two of celebrating the re-opening of Earls Tin Palace after our devastating floods of 2013 here in Calgary. Yesterday I brought to you the grand re-opening VIP bash.

Earls PR gal, the lovely Cate Simpson arranged the most amazing luncheon for a group of local bloggers and I was thrilled to be included. I was invited to sample their new menu and I was enthusiastic about seeing what delightful creations they had in store for us.

We started off with a tour of the restaurant!! Too many cooks didn’t spoil anything in Earls Kitchen!!! When a new restaurant is opened or in this case a re-opening. All new staff are one on one with seasoned staff flown in from other locations. There are no hiccups then and the place runs so smoothly from it’s opening and onward. The staff are then dwindled down over time and after loads of great training they are on their own. This includes the waitress, bartenders, cooks and more.

Earls Tin Palace (14) (Small)There were a lot of people but everything was running smoothly!!

Earls Tin Palace (15) (Small)We started off with some cocktails, this first one was my favorite. It had an amazing ginger syrup in it and I loved every sip. I think it was called Cabin Fever and it was pure Canadiana. Look there is even a pine cone in it!! Amazing!!

Earls Tin Palace (17) (Small)There were other cocktails floating around, this one had prosecco and a lemon sorbet, gorgeous!! There is always an Earls Signature Caesar poking around too!

Earls Tin Palace (19) (Small)This cocktail caught my eye as it had dry ice in it and is served in a teapot, how cool is that!!

Earls Tin Palace (18) (Small)Now onto the food and there is lots of it to share with you. To start off we had these scrumptious Dynamite Prawn and Mango Roll.

Earls Tin Palace (16) (Small)Seafood and sushi has this gal smiling from ear to ear. Look at this amazing Mediterranean Calamari. Love all the toppings!!

Earls Tin Palace (20) (Small) (2)Next up was a salad that I adored, I think I had three helpings. There was chicken, quinoa, feta, olives and all the salad fixings on a bed of pureed spinach, it was so good!!

Earls Tin Palace (21) (Small)Los Cabos Chicken Tacos, just like we had the night before but these were entree sized, delish!!

Earls Tin Palace (22) (Small)Also returned from the night before but larger are the sticky buns. They needed to keep bringing out baskets of these to keep the crowd appeased!!

Earls Tin Palace (23) (Small)There was this amazing seafood salad that towered over everything.

Earls Tin Palace (24) (Small)The food just kept on coming and I adored this Asian Wok with a spicy coconut sauce!!

Earls Tin Palace (26) (Small) (2)A lovely blogger sitting next to me wanted a sandwich and they happily obliged with this Cajun Chicken Cheddar on Ciabatta with sweet potato fries!!

Earls Tin Palace (27) (Small)Lastly, as we were all stuffed beyond the limit and totally satisfied, dessert arrived!! First was a warm Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding, unbelievable!!

Earls Tin Palace (28) (Small)The last item out was a Hot Toffee Sundae with candied pecans. This was made with gelato and the chocolate was so good!!

Earls Tin Palace (25) (Small)That was the most decadent and delicious meals and I am drooling looking back at the pictures. Come on down to one of Earls Restaurants to have any of these amazing dishes and more!!

Earls Tin Palace is located in the mission area of Calgary at 2401, 4th St. SW Calgary, AB

You can follow Earls on Twitter and Facebook.

Again, another huge thank you to Cate Simpson for including us in the two days of fabulous dining at Earls much anticipated re-opening!!