Buttered Lobster Tail with Truffle Oil Popcorn

We first had this at The Muse down in Kensington. What a fabulous combo!!! So easy and so elegant!! The flavours go so fantastically together plus you get the textures of the crunchy popcorn with the melt in your mouth lobster. I love this appetizer and you will too!!

1/2 to 1- 6 oz. lobster tail per person
Melted butter to drizzle
1 heaping cup of popcorn per person
Salt to taste
Truffle oil or truffle olive oil to drizzle
Parsley to garnish

Steam the lobster tail in a small amount of water for 10 min. Pop popcorn according to manufacturer instructions. Do not use microwave flavoured popcorn. The old fashioned, fresh way of doing it on the stove is the best. With no additional flavorings or salt added. Salt popcorn while it is still hot and drizzle with truffle oil. Cut the lobster tail in half and drizzle with melted butter. Garnish with the parsley and serve immediately. Enjoy this wonderful flavour combination!!!



  1. Susie says

    I love the addition of popcorn….. I bet it added such great texture to this dish. The entire thing sounds fantastic!

  2. says

    Oh my word, Tara! How fabulous does this look?!!! I would never think to pair lobster and popcorn, but the combination is both simple and elegant! I can only imagine how wonderful this tastes! Your photos are so inviting! I have been craving lobster since seeing a recipe on the food network last week. And today, a coworker talked about a food truck fair in our area and one truck in particular that served lobster rolls. But I think THIS is the way to go! : )


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