Slow Cooker Mushroom Chicken Cordon Bleu

Slow Cooker Mushroom Chicken Cordon Bleu by Noshing With The Nolands  480x480

I love using the slow cooker in the winter months, well, actually all year long but in the winter I can make an easy and hearty meal that my family will love. Today I give you a Slow Cooker Mushroom Chicken Cordon Bleu. A delicious masterpiece of a weekday meal. It is actually very easy, just… 

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Quick and Easy Paella – Life Currents

quick and easy paella_sq (2)

I have Debi here for you today guest posting. She is from a fantastic site called Life Currents. Debi and I know each other from Enjoying Yummy Recipes, a Facebook group that she heads. It is filled with wonderful people like herself. Her site has many great recipes, mostly vegetarian recipes but there are also… 

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Lime Garlic Shrimp – Magnolia Days

Lime Garlic Shrimp 2 (2) (Small)

I have Renee Dobbs for you today from Magnolia Days. Renee is one of my favorite bloggers hands down. I adore her site as she has one gorgeous recipe after another. I know Renee from our #SundaySupper group and love to work with her as she is not only professional, easy to work with but… 

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Mouth Watering Mondays – Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers

Quinoa-Stuffed-Peppers-by-Noshing-With-The-Nolands-Small (1)

We are nestled right here between Christmas and New Year’s for this Mouth Watering Monday. I haven’t done one of these for awhile because I have just been too busy showing you all the wonderful things for Christmas. Today we look back in the archives to this time last year, almost exactly to the date!… 

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Brussel Sprout and Cauliflower Pilaf – Amuse Your Bouche

Brussels sprout and cauliflower pilaf 2 (7) (Small)

Today I have for you Becca from Amuse Your Bouche. Becca has a wonderful vegetarian site that I am always in awe over. Recipe after recipe are drool worthy. We try to incorporate a vegetarian meals into our diet at least once a week. Now that Christmas is over, you may be looking for something… 

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White Wine Garlic Mussels #WeekdaySupper

White Wine Garlic Mussels by Noshing With The Nolands (Custom)

Do you want something that is easy and delicious for tonight’s meal? I have the perfect festive recipe for you that we have loved for years. White Wine Garlic Mussels are so easy to make and delightfully shared with family or friends. Put the pot out on the table, gather some bowl and some bread and… 

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Potatoes Dauphinoise #LeCreuset

Potatoes Dauphinoise #LeCreuset by Noshing With The Nolands (2) (Small)

There really aren’t words to describe how utterly thrilled I am to work with Le Creuset Canada. I have for many years drooled over their product. I have longingly gazed at it from a far. Gently touched it, caressed it. Am I going over board? No, I don’t think so when I am talking about Le… 

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